Choosing the Right RV

The RV Roundup


Name your pleasure. Consider your budget. There’s an RV to meet your needs!



Ranging from towable models that offer comfortable yet tent-like experiences, to light-weight models that can be towed behind the everyday family vehicle, to motorhomes that are both luxurious and compact, diesel powered and gas – RVs come in all shapes and sizes.



There’s a seemingly endless number of floor plans and models to consider before you buy.  So how can you acquire as much knowledge as possible about your options to become an RV-savvy consumer?



Come look them over. The entire RV fleet is here, from towable folding camping trailers to 45-foot motorhomes. There are many floor plans and features available. Knowing all your options will help you make the best RV choice for you and your family. Check out all the great information choices on the menu to the left to get you started in the right direction – we even have 360° virtual tours to show you the ins and outs of each RV type.



Once you have an idea of what might best fit your needs, it’s time to see, feel and climb on board the vehicles in person. Visit us at Sonny's Camp N Travel in Spartanburg, South Carolina to see all the available units.  Seeing is believing and it’s also the best way to compare layouts and features side by side.



Go ahead, sit and relax a minute on the living room sofa.  Check out the bathroom layout. Stand in the kitchen and see if everything is where you feel most comfortable.  And if in a motorhome, climb into the driver’s seat and see how it feels to behind the wheel of your own rolling vacation home. Can you see the open road unfolding in front of you? Do you hear it calling, beckoning you to discover what lies ahead? It’s yours to enjoy once you decide which vehicle will take you there for years to come.


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